2016-2017 Schedule:

    • Classes begin Monday, August 29
    • Thanksgiving break November 21-25, classes resume Monday, November 28
    • Christmas break December 19- 30, classes resume Monday, January 2
    • Spring break April 13-16, classes resume Monday, April 17
    • End of year Performance Saturday, May 27
    • Summer break begins Monday, May 29

Class Progression

Our curriculum is based on five class levels. Students are personally assessed for technical ability prior to being placed in a class. Students generally remain at a particular level for two years, and are promoted to the next class based on their personal skill level.

Baby Ballet

Age: 3-4 years of age

Class Time: 30 minutes, 1 time per week

Main Objective: The Baby Ballet class helps initiate young children into classical ballet discipline using carefully selected short, simple exercises, customized to their maturity level.  The exercises practiced in this class are based on playful exercises, dances and games that help develop the child’s strength and coordination skills.

General Objectives:

      • Develop gross motor skills
      • Knowledge of the body and personal understanding of space and positioning
      • Develop musical sense & creativity
      • Reinforce self esteem and social skills

Primary Ballet

Age: 4-6

Class Time: 1 hour, 2 times per week  (Total minimum 2 hours/week)

Main Objective: This level builds on the skills learned in Baby Ballet. Fundamentals, such as body placement, first, second and third positions, and simple ballet steps are covered, while working with both hands on the barre and on center. Allegro work includes simple jumps and combinations, which help strengthen the student in a safe manner. Coordination and creativity are reinforced through dance games appropriate to this age group.

General Objectives:

      • Develop coordination and muscular strength
      • Create awareness of correct body placement
      • Develop spatial orientation (i.e. use and understanding of stage directions, dancing with others, and making formations)
      • Reinforce music sense

Ballet 1

Age: 6 ½ – 8

Class Time:  One hour, 2 times a week  (Total minimum 2 hours/week)

Main Objective: This class focuses on technical performance and creativity.  Both of these elements are emphasized through age appropriate exercises and reinforcement techniques. The difficulty level increases in this class as simple head and arm movements are incorporated in to the exercises. The barre exercises increase to develop and strengthen concentration levels. Additional steps are introduced that demand emphasis on technique, such as improvement on using body weight changes, placement, and equilibrium. At this level, barre work is executed using both hands. Center and allegro exercises increase, reinforcing the work done at the barre.

General Objectives:

      • Develop an understanding of the body and correct placement
      • Develop muscle control in exercises
      • Strength focus and concentration skills
      • Use of logistics, mathematical and musical sense during combinations

Ballet 2

Age: 9-11

Class Time: 1.5 hours, 2 times a week *  (Total minimum 3 hours/week)

Prerequisite: The student must have knowledge of the fundamental ballet skills such as body placement and posture, use of body weight, basic foot positions, and simple arm and head movements and positions.

Main Objective: The technical skills used at the barre, center and allegro increase in difficulty through execution, combination, length, and coordination. Students will continue strengthening the technical aspects of ballet, and will work on improvisation exercises, inspiring creativity and expression.

General Objectives:

      • Develop muscular memory, strength and control
      • Acquire the sense of equilibrium and balance on one and both legs
      • Accentuate coordination, musicality, and expression skills

*Note:  Ballet 2B is encouraged to invest in 1 hour of Stretch and Tone and/or 1.5 hours of Ballet 2/3 Leaps, Turns and Variations per week in addition to regularly scheduled classes.

Ballet 3

Age: 12+

Class Time: 1.5 hours, Minimum of 2 times a week technique; PLUS 1 hour Stretch & Tone and/or 1.5 hours Leaps, Turns and Variations (Total minimum 4 hours/week)

Prerequisite: Student must have skill requirements from Ballet 1 and 2

Main Objective: The barre, center and allegro work continue at this level with longer and more complex combinations, and many steps are executed on relevé in preparation for Pointe work. Mastery of self positioning in group formations is an important skill for this class. The Pointe class is mandatory and is taken simultaneously with Ballet 3, once a week for one hour.

General Objectives:

      • Improve equilibrium and balance skills on one and both legs
      • Develop simple turns and spot (point of reference) to understand the concepts of centripetal and centrifugal forces.
      • Fortify the lower extremities (specifically the ankles) to achieve a better balance on one and both legs

Ballet 4

Age: 14+

Class Time: 1.5 hours, Minimum of 4 times a week (Total minimum 6 hours/week)

Prerequisite: Student must possess skills required for Ballet 1, 2 and 3 prior to starting Ballet 4

Main Objective: Additional barre work with a higher level of difficulty in concentration, technical level, coordination and endurance is required. Greater mastery of arms-head-legs and turns and balance is required. Barre skills are required for proper execution of center and allegro, and execution speed, coordination, a good sense of balance, and turns are essential.  The Pointe Class is also mandatory for this level and must be taken simultaneously with Ballet 4, once a week for one hour.

General Objectives:

      • Acquire the mechanics of turns on one and both legs
      • Develop and strengthen flexibility and muscular control
      • Learn and understand the use of different and new patterns to execute the combinations around the classroom
      • Continue to work on creativity exercises in order to develop expression on stage

Ballet 5

This class is designed for those students that have achieved all the skills from the previous levels and now have the technical level, experience and skills required.

Class Time: 1.5-2 hours, Minimum of 4 times a week (Total minimum 7 hours/week)

Main Objective: This class combines the skills and techniques acquired in previous levels with the dancer’s complete focus, coordination, and dedication. Although the barre work is difficult in execution, the main objective of it is to warm up and prepare the student for center and allegro execution. In addition, this class focuses on center and allegro and complex challenges such as multiple turns, higher jumps, great equilibrium, and mastering flexibility and strength.

General Objectives:

    • Master all aspects of technical work
    • Master sense of dance and expression during class and on stage